Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Home Decorations Collection

Not many home decor themes can match the regal charm of decorators' collection from the bygone era. From antique furniture to carved boxes and jewel box, there is an impressive range of decorators' collection items that are passed down the generations. These are also available in online shops, but be prepared to shell out a fortune if you want to buy authentic stuff.
Colorful interiors play an important role in making your interiors bright and lively. White or pastel shades can make the rooms spacious and well lit, however in case you have a fetish for bright shades you can use them sparingly so that the color scheme remains well balanced and pleasing for the eyes.

 Candle stands and decorative candle holders also have a larger than life role in accentuating the home decor. From massive and richly embellished models in glass, brass or wood to simple candle stands, there are many options to choose from. These can make wonderful centerpieces or can deck up the fireplace or even the barren walls or corners. Pick up scented candles in colors that match with your furnishings to complete the theme. You can even make it stylish by using satin ribbons or beads too.

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