Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Home Decorating

Pet owners face a unique challenge when it comes to home decorating. Besides the obvious problems like scratching furniture or knocking over vases, there's also the constant abuse they put on your floors, carpets, walls and upholstery. Many just give up on decorating altogether and get dull pieces, so they don't feel too bad about it when the dog starts gnawing on them. But having a pet doesn't always mean giving up style.
The first thing you need to consider is your flooring. Dogs and cats spend a lot of time on the floor, whether walking around, curled up, or playing with the kids. Your best bet is to choose a sturdy, low-maintenance floor such as tile or marble. But if you already have flooring installed, or if you're not up to installing new floors, you can simply lay out a rug or carpet to protect the surface.

Of course, the coverings themselves have to be pet-friendly as well. Carpets and area rugs tend to gather the hairs when animals shed, so they'll need regular vacuuming to keep them clean. If you let the pets sit or play on the rug, get one that's easy to maintain and clean. A patterned area rug can help camouflage mud stains-you'll have to get it out eventually, of course, but the pattern can hide it until you have time to do the job.
Your furniture should be made to withstand pet play as well. If you have a wooden chair or bench, make sure it's properly sealed. You can usually find an anti-scratch coat from the hardware store; just ask for one that's non-toxic and safe to use on furniture. Protect your upholstery buy getting slipcovers-just drape them over the furniture and your pet can get on anytime.

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