Saturday, 21 April 2012

Bedroom Decor

Bedroom decor ideas are most cohesive when they are oriented around a central theme. Beginning with wall decor and floors, advance to the next step, the furnishings and accessories. Just like a painting, begin with the background and build in the remaining details. Decide if your style is chic, trendy or minimalistic.
Whichever style speaks to your very soul is the style you will feel comfortable surrounded by for years to come Chic d├ęcor is characterized by choosing patterns, colors and pieces that are unique to a particular period of style. There's granny chic which displays four poster beds covered with patterned quilts and/or frothy bedspreads, wooden rocking chairs or chairs with woven seats and solid wood period dressers. Hooked rugs and circular braided rugs are strewn on the floor to add to the appearance of walking back in time into grandma's bedroom.

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